Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Charity Walk

Every year our local children's hospital has a big fundraiser. A BIG one. We've participated the past few years to raise money for the hospice program that helped us with SleepingAngel. Hospice of course is not a big money raiser for the hospital. Or any money raiser at all as all (or at least most) of the services are provided free of charge to the families. It is an organization that is close to our hearts.

Here are some pictures of us before the walk. The walk is pretty easy - just a flat 1 mile or 2 mile walk around a historic amusement park in the area. I'm so proud of EasternStar - she insisted on walking the entire course!

You can see that we made special shirts for SleepingAngel. RainbowBaby wasn't big enough for a picture of SleepingAngel so she just had a picture of a flower on her tummy. The girls shirts say "My little sister" and "My big sister". On our backs we put the quote from her memorial card:

"A beautiful flower
Lent not given,
To bud on Earth
and bloom in Heaven"

After the walk there are art activities for the kids, lunch, and you can ride some of the rides. The girls chose to get their faces painted first. EasternStar wasn't too sure about it, but TinyDancer was eating it up!

There wasn't much for RainbowBaby to do, so while the big girls and Stranger rode the rides, we hung out and played in the leaves.

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