Monday, April 26, 2010

First doctor visit

Today RainbowBaby had her first visit to the doctor. We combined her visit with a sick visit for EasternStar (she had an allergic reaction to our disposable wipes a month ago and her rash won't go away). While we were there EasternStar also got three shots. She's a little behind on her vaccinations but almost caught up.

It was an experience taking both of them at once. 8 ) TinyDancer opted to stay with Grandma and do something fun instead of going. About half way through, I was wishing that I was with them instead of at the doctor's office!

RainbowBaby looks great - but she is still 4 ounces short of her birth weight. She and I have been working hard at nursing - but we'll have to work a little harder. She has five days to get back up to her birth weight or we have to go back and see the doctor.

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LowerTeakwood said...

Oh, yes love the doctor's visits with more than one. Last time two were under the table and one was it!