Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Funny things that you overhear......

I love listening to TinyDancer and her friends play. They have such awesome imaginations and it is interesting to hear their take on how life works.

On Saturday, TinyDancer was outside playing with her friend C. One minute they were playing on the teeter totter and the next minute, they were gone. I found them in our shed blowing up beach balls. Because there were going to the beach of course! I managed to persuade them that even though the sun was shining, it was much too cold to put on their bathing suits - which they insisted that they needed to make their trip more "realistic". 8 ) I was banished from the yard for that. As I sat in my neighbor's yard reading, I looked up to hear "Get back here! The sharks are going to get you! The sharks are going to get you! Get back on shore!" being shouted to one girl as she ran to get a beach ball that was blowing away.

And yesterday, TinyDancer was playing with the same friend and they decided to have a "Fall Party". Into our house they went for paper, tape, scissors, streamers, and who knows what else. They made invitations and decorated the neighbor's garage for the party with streamers and paper towels. Don't ask me why - but TinyDancer loves to put a piece of tape on a paper towel and hang it up. They asked for something - or maybe I suggested something - but the word "Maybe" was used. As they continued decorating I overheard C telling TinyDancer:
'Whenever my mom says "Maybe", she really means no'
'Since my mom said "Maybe" and your mom said "Maybe", that is two "Maybes". If one "Maybe" is usually no then two "Maybes" will definately be no. That is what maybe means. It means no but they don't tell you that.'

hee hee hee

Good times!


LowerTeakwood said...

My mom's no was really "will see"!

Heather said...

Oh my gosh! I just about peed myself reading that because I laughed so hard!

How funny!!!