Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Welcome to 2009!

Welcome to the new year! So far, we've been busy! Granny and Paw Paw came to visit over the weekend and TinyDancer was excited to open more presents! I think her new favorite is a little vacuum cleaner that really vacuums. Well, it vacuums up the tiny white pieces of "dirt" that it came with. So far the excess "dirt" has infiltrated two rooms. 8 )

Tonight TinyDancer is going to her first hockey game. She loves all things sports, so this should be a good time! If only I can convince her that it isn't a good idea to wear a dress to walk 8 city blocks in 30 degree freezing rain.

No movement on the adoption yet. We are checking our mailbox everyday for the notice from the INS to go and get our fingerprints done so that we can have our I-600A approved. Our state fingerprints expire this month, so if we get lucky, we might get to do our fingerprints *twice* this month!


Heather said...

Good luck with the dress thing! Caroline asked for some legwarmers...I think for this very same reason!

We saw Granny and PawPaw briefly from the window as they were leaving...unfortunately this house was too crazy to stop and run out and say hi to them. Send them our love next time you talk to them.

LowerTeakwood said...

Ah fingerprinting. I think I've been fingerprinted 6 times in two years between adoption and work. I guess I better not commit any crimes.

P.S. I love the vacuum cleaner that comes with a mess. Ironic isn't it! Shannon

The Mom said...

LT - But if you did - We've got your back! 8 )

The Mom said...

Heather -
I can't imagine why your house would be crazy! Ha!

Will do!