Wednesday, January 7, 2009


We saw an ambulance with its lights on when we were going home last night. Which usually brings on The Questions:

- Is that the ambulance that you rode in?
Probaby not

- Why did you have to go from one hospital to another? to explain the concept of a level III nicu and the fact that the doctors didn't know what the heck was going on.......well, when the doctor found out that I didn't have enough fluid in my tummy, they put me in the hospital and gave me some medicine to see if the fluid would get bigger. It didn't, so they transfered me to a different hospital to get more tests and in case SleepingAngel came out of my tummy early. The second hospital knows how to take care of sick babies much better than the first hospital.

- Why did you have to stay in the bed?
Because there wasn't enough fluid in my tummy. So, if I fell down, there wouldn't be any fluid to protect SleepingAngel and she could have gotten hurt.

- If she got hurt in your tummy, we wouldn't be able to help her feel better.
That's right.

- Why wasn't there enough fluid in your tummy?
There just wasn't.

- Where did it go?
Well, when babies are in their mommies tummy, there isn't any food to eat, there is just fluid. So, the babies take the fluid into their mouth and swallow it so it goes down to their tummy. Then, when they all done with the fluid, it comes out of them like tinkle. SleepingAngel couldn't go tinkle like she should have, so when she swallowed the fluid, it all stayed inside of her because it couldn't get back out.

- Why couldn't she tinkle?
That is just the way God made her. The parts of her body that made tinkle just didn't work like they were supposed to.

- But she could go poopie.
Yup, she could.

- Why did He make her like that?
I wish I knew princess.

- Some day we'll know.
Yup, when it is our turn to go to Heaven, God will tell us when we get there. And then, it won't matter because we will be with SleepingAngel.

- Do you think that SleepingAngel can tinkle in Heaven?
I bet she can sweetie. Whenever she wants.

- Is there anyone else up in Heaven?
Yup, there are lots of people up in Heaven. Mommy's grandmas and grandpas, and Daddy's grandpas.

- Are there any other children up in Heaven?
There are. There are people of all ages up in Heaven. Little children and big people.

- What are their names?
That's a big question! I bet there are people up there with every name that you can imagine!

- Like *insert made up word* ?
Hmmm.....I don't know if that is a real word.

- *made up word* *made up word* *made up word* !!!!!
And, we are back to being 3!

I don't mind the questions, I'm just sad that I have to answer them instead of having another little princess to hold.

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