Tuesday, May 15, 2012

International Festival at school

Last week, TinyDancer's school had an International Festival.  Each grade learned a song and a dance from a different country and performed it on the stage for the parents.  Afterwards there were snacks from different countries.

Before the first performance there was a "parade of nations" where all of the children from different countries were announced and walked up to the stage.  It was neat because some of them were in the traditional dress from their home country.  I knew that TinyDancer's school was diverse - but doesn't every school say that?  When the school told me that they were "diverse" is just rolled my eyes and thought 'yup.  you and everyone else'.  But they really are!  In her tiny school, there are probably 12 - 15 different countries represented.

The first graders performed a song and dance from China and then the entire school sung the school song.


Chinese song and dance

School song

As a side note, I really need one of those monopod things if I am going to continue to videotape stuff with a 2 year old in my lap!!    

8 )

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