Monday, April 23, 2012

Skating - Revisited

So, I decided to stop fighting with my computer and just upload this video to youtube.

Below is a video of TinyDancer from a skating competition a few weeks ago. This was her third and final competition for this year.  After we move in June and get settled in with a new coach (boo hoo!  I love her coach!) I'm sure that she'll do more.

The video isn't that good because I wasn't prepared  and because the only place that the parents could video was behind the glass and the glass was majorly scratched up.  The Basic 8 girls were supposed to skate first and then the Basic 7 girls were supposed to go.  They ended up skating in the opposite order.  We do have a professional video on order and I might be able to post that once it comes.

I should add that she skated GREAT!  She got fourth place out of 5 girls, but she should have been at least second or third!  Thankfully, she is happy as long as she gets *something* and she got a cute ribbon.


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Library Lady said...

Great shot of the Tiny Dancer.