Monday, October 18, 2010

6 Months Old!

Can you believe that RainbowBaby is 6 months old already? Me neither!

She is the perfect baby - easy going enough to be drug all over town for her older sister's activities with just a touch of crankiness to keep us on our toes.

Here are some fun facts that we've learned about her:

- Stranger took her to the doctor today for her 6 month visit and she is cruising along in the 10% percentile for weight. What a change! TinyDancer was always at the top - between 90th and 95th!
- She loves to sing and dance. Most night she sings for her supper.
- She can fall asleep just about anywhere! A good trait for the youngest!
- She can eat her weight in squash.
- Carrots make her spit up. Good times! 8 )
- She prefers to be held facing outward. Gotta stay on alert! You never know when big sisters will attack with kisses.
- She has learned to roll in all directions and uses it as a means to get around.
- She loves her bath and could stay in the tub all night. A girl after my own heart.

Here are some recent pictures:

Lounging while EasternStar does a dance for her.

Just finished dinner. Pardon the squash on my shirt!

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