Saturday, August 28, 2010

The loudest house on the block

Have you ever hat the chance to sit outside on a nice evening, where the the weather is perfect - not too hot or humid. Perhaps there is a nice gentle breeze blowing every now and then. And the air is still and quiet. So quiet, that you can hear the birds chirping and the crickets .... er .... cricketing?

Well....if you live in our neighborhood and we are home, you will never get one of those evenings! 8 )

The girls are enjoying the last days of summer and they want to make sure that all of the neighborhood is too! 8 ) This evening after dinner I took the girls outside for some swimming and water table playing. We pulled out the bubble machine, too.

TinyDancer discovered that it is super fun to pour a bucket of water down the slide (which is on the swing set) and then stack buckets of water at the bottom of the slide. Thus enabling her to shoot down the slide and hit the buckets of water with her feet, making the water shoot up into the air and then come down on her head. Afterwards she would shout "THAT WAS AWESOME!" And then do it again.

This was paired with EasternStar swinging in the swing and shouting "PUSH!" over and over. Stopping only when the wind changed and the bubbles from the bubble machine would blow into her. Then she would shout "Bubble world!" over and over. Well, an outsider might not understand the word "world" or even "push" for that matter...but that's what she was saying nonetheless.

Not to be outdone, RainbowBaby was propped up with a boppy in a lawn chair and a set of keys. Those keys were serenaded to like keys have never been serenaded to before!

I wish that I had had the video camera to show Stranger what he missed out on! 8 )

I'll be sad when it is too cold to play outside and all of this noise is trapped within these four walls! 8 )

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Heather said...

Lucky for have a couple of houses within shouting distance that rival you. (ours being one, of course)

Quiet is totally overrated.