Tuesday, August 17, 2010

4 months old!

Today RainbowBaby turned 4 months old! My how the time flies!

I cannot get over how different she is from TinyDancer. Of course, every child is different and unique, but I had no idea that we could make a sleeper! TinyDancer did NOT sleep - ever! I am so grateful that RainbowBaby sleeps through the night! AND she will allow herself to be put down on her playmat or swing or bouncy seat!

She is working hard to sit up although she is still weeks away from being able to do it by herself. She does enjoy sucking on her fingers and putting things in her mouth. And she is fascinated by her feet. 8 ) She is really interested in food but we might hold off on that for a few more weeks.

Tomorrow we are off for her 4 month doctor visit.

Enjoy some video of her from tonight!

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