Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stranger come home!!

Stranger is in Canada for the week. Everyone with me now... BOO HISS!! He is taking some super exciting and interesting class ha ha for work. Thankfully, I got all of my bitching and moaning out of the way before he left. Sadly, he did not. Apparently he is not having fun. There is much bitching and moaning occuring in Canada - A!

Double thankfully, one of my aunt's was nice enough to fly in for the week to help occupy the girls. My aunt and my mom have been over every day to help with dinner and bedtime. By "help", I mean, they make dinner, clean up from dinner, bathe the big girls, and then put the big girls to bed. How awesome is that! I am very lucky!!

Despite the fun that the girls are having - on Sunday and Monday we went swimming, on Tuesday we went to a water playground at a nearby park - the girls miss daddy. When Stranger left, the girls looked like this:

However, today, they look like this:

8 )

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