Wednesday, June 9, 2010

House of parties

We have a lot of parties in our house. Tea parties, birthday parties, baby parties, and of course, pony parties are just a few of the reasons we party. This morning as I cleaned up from breakfast, TinyDancer got the basement set up for a pony party. In order to attend, everyone had to dress up in their fanciest clothes:

TinyDancer wore her new pink feather boa.

EasternStar selected her fairy wings and skirt. She wasn't very interested in her boa. 8 )

RainbowBaby attended the party, and she was non to pleased that we didn't have anything small enough for her:

After I finished my work, I was allowed to attend:

I shared my boa with RainbowBaby and then she was happy.

And here is the birthday pony:

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