Friday, December 25, 2009

'Twas the night before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
not a creature was sleeping, not even a mouse.
The stockings were ready for this years fill,
if only the children would lay still!

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
while visions of Santa and double strollers (and perhaps a sugar plum or two) dance in their heads.
I was in my jammies, and Stranger in his scrubs - for he was at work
fixing the broken and eradicating germs where they lurk.

When upstairs I heard a pitter-patter,
I sign and get up to see what is the matter.
Down comes the oldest with questions about Santa to ask
Will Santa still come if I get up to potty? What if I need you? What if I tinkle in my bed? I sigh at this task.

Finally she's settled, downstairs in my bed,
I sit down to read, "This is a great book" a friend had said.
Until 10, read I did,
and then climbed into bed next to a tossing and turning Karate Kid.
A pillow between us to block most of the blows,
the only thing uncovered are my poor toes.

In the middle of the night Stranger is finally home,
craving sleep I creep up the stairs, to a twin bed alone.
Asleep at last, bedtime has long passed.
Of course, it doesn't last.

Now the youngest takes her turn.
I stumble out of bed as my head begins to churn.
A whimper, then a cry, then a full blown wail,
try as I might, I'm moving like a snail.

Hush! Before you wake everyone else,
I pick her up and something sure smells!
A fresh diaper, now please go to sleep
Don't make a sound, not even a peep!

Two, three, four, five more times she cries,
I can't figure out where the problem lies.
At 5:30 I remember, on the floor is where she threw her dinner.
Perhaps a graham cracker will now be the winner.

When I return with her prize,
I see that finally she had closed her eyes.
Back to bed I creep,
Please, I just want to sleep!

Two hours with all of us sleeping is all that he had,
to fill the stockings and leave presents to make the children glad.
Thank you Santa for working so late,
Hope you enjoyed the cookies we left on your plate.

Merry Christmas from one tired mom! 8 )

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