Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

Whew! We've had a busy few days. Here is how we spent our Thanksgiving weekend, in pictures:

On Wednesday, the girls "helped" to make squash casserole and green bean casserole. They had great fun playing with these boxes. Why do we have so many toys again? 8 )

Since EasternStar is just a little picky, we thought that we blend all of the wonderful flavors of Thanksgiving into one convenient package. Here she has turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and green beans:

Doesn't it look yummy? 8 )

Here she is considering her "Thanksgiving Gruel". After 3 bites she was done:
She opted for the less traditional meal of keilbasa. She did enjoy the pumpkin bread and the cranberry bread and the pumpkin pie:
After dinner, TinyDancer and Grandpa got to work on their train set down in the basement:
And EasternStar got to play with her favorite ball:

On Friday, my sister and BIL and their two sons came down for Thanksgiving Round 2. The only thing better than 1 Thanksgiving is 2 Thanksgivings, right? 8 )
After dinner, the grandkids decorated "their" tree at Grandma's. This is the best shot that I have of the four of them:
On Saturday we went downtown to see the train display and go ice skating. Here are TinyDancer and EasternStar bundled up in our stroller:
First we went ice skating:
EasternStar was very put out that 1) we did not bring skates for her and 2) that she was not allowed to walk on the ice. She managed to pull through though.
After skating for a bit, we walked to the train display and met up with the rest of our family. EasternStar had fun watching the trains go by and banging on the glass seperating her from the trains:

Clearly TinyDancer was very excited:
By the time that we were done, everyone was tired:
On Sunday we pulled out our outside decorations and put the lights on our house and in our yard. Here is our work midway through. EasternStar and I went inside to make lunch and we left TinyDancer in charge to document if Stranger fell off of the roof like he did in 2006. We wouldn't want to miss that!
On Monday we decorated our Christmas tree. We've never put up our tree this early before. Christmas seems like a long ways away! Every year, TinyDancer gets a special ornament that sums up her interests for the year and SleepingAngel gets an angel ornament. Here are the ornaments for this year. For TinyDancer, a violin:

For our junk-fook junkie EasternStar, a cookie on a stick:
And for SleepingAngel, an angel sitting on an ice cube:
The girl's masterpiece after it was done:
Whew! We are tired but it was a great 4 days!

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Supurrkitten said...

Beautiful tree. Glad you didn't fall off your roof. How were the trains Wolf is going to explode when he sees them.

Trisha RN