Friday, March 13, 2009

Conversations from our house

Some things that have been overheard in our house lately:

- TinyDancer to us - "Stop spelling all your words! I don't know what you are saying!"

- Me to Stranger - "Why aren't you wearing pants?". Just kidding - that was to TinyDancer.

- TinyDancer and I on the way home from tumbling class:
TinyDancer: "Today Mr. Hot Dog (yes, that is the name of her teacher) asked everyone what our favoite restaurant is."
Me: "And what did you say?"
TinyDancer: "Bucco di Beepo."
Me: "Yum! That is my favoite too. I didn't know that was your favorite."
TinyDancer: "They have great food!" (I kid you not - she said that!)
Me: "They do! I thought your favorite was Old MacDonalds."
TinyDancer: "Well, I like that too - but it isn't my favorite."
Me: "Oh. What did the other children say?".
TinyDancer: waving her hands in the air "Everyone else said Chucker Cheese. I don't even know what that is!"
Me: "Oh. We don't go there because their food isn't very good."
TinyDancer: "Who doesn't like their food?"
Me: "I don't. It isn't very tasty."
TinyDancer: "When was the last time that you went there?"
Me: "Not for a long time. I haven't been since I was a child."
TinyDancer: "Maybe you will like it better now."
Me: "Maybe."

Me to TinyDancer while in the bathtub - trying to wash her hair - "You can wash your hair more than once a week."
TinyDancer: "No. It isn't good for it to wash it a lot."

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