Friday, January 25, 2013

Best quote of the day

We decided to give potty training a try for RainbowBaby. We use the potty training in three days method. There is a e-book out there that explains it. Except we don't do it for naps or nighttime because ..... Frankly I need my sleep. Trust me. Everyone in my family would agree. Three days with reduced sleep for me is not fun. For anyone!

Anyway, day 1 ended today with three incredibly successful ....... Releases..... One of which included done poop. Which resulted in my favorite thing of the day -

RainbowBaby - look I popped a banana!

Me - why yes. It does look like a banana! Good job!!

However it was flushed before we could get a picture. Aren't you relieved there is no evidence? 8 )

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