Sunday, October 21, 2012

4 Weeks and 4 days

The blog has been neglected over the past few months because we've been too overwhelmed to put coherent thoughts together.  What an overwhelming and incredible summer / early fall that we've had.  Here is a brief summary.

- We moved our family 5 hours and 3 states away
- Stranger started a new job
- TinyDancer started 2nd grade at a new school
- EasternStar started preschool at a new school
- RainbowBaby started going to preschool two days a week at a new school
- Gave our unborn child a blog name - FireCracker
- Had one member go on bed rest for 6 weeks
- Had a baby 2 months early
- Celebrated SleepingAngel's birthday

Did you catch that second to last one?  Our last baby - FireCracker was born 2 months early on September 19th due to placenta abruption. She had a brief 3 week and 3 day stay in the NICU at the Children's hospital where Stranger works and now she is finally home.  Here is a shot of her at roughly 4 weeks old:

Passed out after my afternoon bottle

For whatever reason, we decided that FireCracker's room was going to be the first room that we finished in our new house.  Since she isn't supposed to be here yet, we feel that we finished the room right on time!  In reality, we finished it about 2 or 3 days before she came home from the hospital.  We are really proud of her room because it has a lot of handmade elements in it.  Here are some shots:

Looking in from the hall.

Bedskirt made by Grandma.  She also made a cribsheet, but
that was barfed on  right before the photo shoot.

Curtains made by Grandma.

Dressers spray painted by Stranger.

Mobile made by me and EasternStar and RainbowBaby.

Artwork painted by TinyDancer, EasternStar, and RainbowBaby.

Toy shelf (painted by Stranger), Button letter made by her sisters, Button flowers made by me.

Blanket made by Grandma. Rocking chair painted and recovered by Stranger.

Lampshade made by me.  Note, it is not that easy to use a glue gun while on bedrest!

The button letter, button flowers, and artwork were inspired by -  Each of the other girls have asked for a letter for their rooms as well.
The tutorial for the chair cover was found here -
The mobile was inspired by -
Spray painting tutorial found here -

And some more baby pics:

10 - 4 - 12



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