Monday, August 6, 2012

First Day of School - FAIL

Hello there friends!  Did you think that we had fallen into the abyss?  We did.  Kind of.  We've been in 'we just moved our family partially across the country and all free time is spent unpacking boxes' mayhem!

So much news to share - I might do some posts after this and schedule them to appear later in the week.

The point of this post though - today was supposed to be TinyDancer's first day of school.  That was a big FAIL.  We had a big rainstorm on Sunday night and apparently there was water damage to the building and school was canceled for today.  TinyDancer was *so* bummed!!  The last I heard we are "on" for tomorrow, so we'll see!  If it is successful, I'll post a pic of her in her  uniform.  Assuming I can find the camera of course.  I don't think that we've used it since we moved!

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