Thursday, November 3, 2011


Today we remember our sweet, perfect daughter.  Four years ago today our princess passed away so peacefully in my arms.

Finally a family of four

Finally a big sister

A leaf from my big sister

Remberance Garden

A perfect flower.  Made to bud on Earth and bloom in Heaven.

We miss you.  We love you.  We are hollow without you.  We think about you every day.  We patiently wait to be with you again.

Love always,
Mommy and Daddy


Sylvia said...

K and S, I'm so sorry. Your loss will always be a special sadness in your life. I remember when you found out about her. Remember your struggles, questions, concerns...Like it was yesterday. How could it be four years already? :(
Much love to your beautiful family. Big hugs to all. Email me anytime. I'd love to have a pen-pal ;)
SliverVT at hotmail dot com


tsar said...

Your daughters are beautiful! What an amazing gift! We are beginning the process of adoption and would love an recommendations for international adoption agencies. Our preference is to adopt from Russia. Thanks!