Friday, July 22, 2011

Questions that are better left unasked - Part 1

I think that I'm going to start a new series on my blog called "Questions that are better left unasked".  The first question will be:

1.  Why is Barbie floating in the toilet? 

Every kid needs a special place to store their stuff right?  A place that their siblings aren't allowed to (or won't) invade to steal their stuff.  Well, RainbowBaby seems to have chosen her "special place".  It's not behind the couch or under a bed or even in a potted plant.  Nope.  She's chosen a throne.  A glorious throne that unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your outlook) no one wants to reach in to remove stuff. 

In the past few days I've removed a comb, a book (sorry Nina Nina Ballerina), a crayon, and today a Barbie from the toilet.  Thankfully we've finally gotten my six year old to start flushing again and my three year old can't climb onto the potty by herself.  Otherwise we'd have some real.... uh.....prizes on our hands!


library lady said...

the joys of motherhood. Ask your Mom how many things, she has fished out. Love and kisses to all the little darlings

LowerTeakwood said...

Thanks for the laugh...But grateful not to be in that stage...yet...again...