Saturday, October 31, 2009

The princess with the hurt foot

We made our fourth trip to the emergency room with TinyDancer last night. She was helping to clear off our front porch in anticipation of the trick-or-treaters tonight and she walked right off of it. Being the tough girl that she is, she held on to the flower pot that she was carrying and didn't spill any soil. Luckily our porch is only one step above the ground and all of our flower pots are plastic.

It was a hard sell to get her to the emergency room, but once there she was fine. Tired, but fine. They took a picture of her foot and she is fine. She got a super cool ace bandage to wear home - which she insisted the I remove this morning because it was hurting her foot. 8 )

She spent part of the morning on the couch with her foot propped up:

And part of the day scooting around on the floor playing with EasternStar. Now I have two scooters! 8 ) Bathing her this afternoon was ....... fun! We almost had to call in a submarine to get us out of the bathroom. 8 )

She still felt up to making Halloween treats with Grandma (the final pictures will be up later):

I'm not quite sure that EasternStar noticed anything was different today. She was all smiles as usual:

I'll post some pictures of the Halloween treats and the girls in their costumes later tonight.

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