Sunday, November 16, 2008


Welcome to our our story! This is the story of our life - raising children, expanding our family biogically and via international adoption, juggling careers, and working through our grief after losing our youngest daughter to bilaterial multicystic renal dysplasia. SleepingAngel was buried a year and ten days ago, yet she is never far from our thoughts and hearts. We were so blessed to know her and we know that she is in Heaven, looking down at us and laughing at the antics of her big sister TinyDancer.

Our current big news - that most of our families don't know yet - is that we've decided to adopt - hopefully a little girl - that will be called EasternStar here. The first country that we picked is Kazakhstan. We were almost finished with the Home Study process when we were notified that the rules are changing in Kaz and there are no children under 4 available for adoption. We were heartbroken, but we are taking this as a sign from God that our child is not in Kazakhstan, they are in Russia. Our Home Study is getting reworked to meet the requirements of Russia and then we can *finally* get started on our dossier and applying for permission to adopt from the INS. Yes, I know that they are now called USCIS, but this is my blog and they will always be INS to me. 8 ) We have an "Adoption Progress" box on the right to track the many steps that must be taken to follow our hearts.


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